Aviator Game in Tanzania: Betway Aviator Game

Do you need a fun and exciting way to win money online, if so, you might be interested in the Aviator game. The Aviator game is innovative and allows players to bet on the result of a flying plane. Aviator game is available on Betway, Paripesa and other Casino, where you can play with real money or practice for free with the demo version. Besides, you can download the Aviator app to play the game on your phone. This guide explains how to play Aviator on Paripesa or Betway, the benefits and features of this game, and much more.

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What is the Aviator Game?

Aviator game is a fun and exciting online game that lets you bet on the outcome of a flying plane. The plane takes off with a multiplier that goes up as the plane flies higher. To play the aviator game, place your bet before or during the plane flight, and cash out before the plane crashes. The more you wait, the higher your potential winnings, however, your risk of losing everything is higher. Aviator game is exciting and addictive and tests your luck and skills. The big question is; do you have all that is needed to fly high and win big?

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Aviator Game on Betway
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Aviator Game - Gameplay

The Aviator Game is easy to understand even for beginners. To begin with, the whole gameplay process is very interesting and rewarding. You can win up to 10,000x your bet amount if you are lucky enough to risk holding your horses. Choose and place your preferred bet amount with a minimum bet amount of Tsh 20. The plane takes off with a multiplier beginning from 1x and increases as it flies higher. Lastly, cash out your bet at any time before the plane crashes by clicking on the "Cash Out" button.


Aviator Bet - Registration

Betway Registration
Betway Aviator Tanzania

Before you play Aviator in Betway, you need a valid Betway account. You can easily sign-up for an account in these quick steps:

  • Visit Betway website;
  • Click “Jisajili” button;
  • Enter your mobile phone number, your account password, first name, and last name;
  • Click Next;
  • Select your offer, enter your date of birth, enter a promo code if you have one, confirm you are 18 years and above, and agree to the terms & conditions;
  • Click “Jisajili” and your Betway account is ready;
Betway Sign-Up Tanzania
Betway Sign-Up Tanzania

Aviator bet Tanzania - Login

Betway Login
Aviator Game Tanzania

After setting up your Betway account, you need to log into your account first to play the aviator game on Betway. Below are the steps for logging your Betway account:

  • Visit Betway Tanzania Website;
  • Enter your phone number and password;
  • Click “Ingia” button;
  • End the login process;
  • Go to Betway aviator page;
Play Aviator on Betway

Betway Aviator Bonuses

Playing Aviator on Betway offers players special rewards and offers for an exciting experience. When you register on Betway, you can claim an aviator bonus of 100% deposit match to a maximum of Tsh 100,000. You can decide to have it as a casino bonus, or sports bonus or choose 50/50 for both. On top of that, players who deposit more than Tsh 3,000 enjoy 10 free flights on the aviator game.


Betway Deposit and Withdrawal

Betway Deposit and Withdrawal
Betway Aviator Game

Before you play the aviator game Betway, you need to make a first deposit using the provided payment methods. You can choose mobile money deposit and withdrawal options like Tigopesa, Airtel Money, Vodacom M-Pesa, and Halopesa. Alternatively, you can use Huduma Agent.


How to Play the Aviator Game on Betway

If you are new to the aviator game and would like to know how to bet aviator on Betway. I will guide you through. The first thing is to visit the Betway website and sign up for an account or log in if you are registered. Alternatively, you can download the Betway Aviator app on your mobile device and play the game anywhere. You can also click Aviator on the main menu.

Find the Aviator game in the casino section, and click on it to start the game. A screen with a runway, a plane, and a multiplier appears. Choose your bet amount with the slider or the buttons below the screen. Bet by clicking the "Place Bet" button before or during the flight. Once the plane takes off, the multiplier will show how much you can win if you cash out at that moment. In order to win, click on the "Cash Out" button at any time before the plane crashes.


Demo Version of Aviator Game

The demo version of the Aviator game is a free and fun way to try out the game without risking any real money. Play the demo version of the Aviator game on Betway Casino or on the Betway Aviator app. The demo aviator game is similar to the real version, but you use virtual money in the demo version instead of real money. Therefore, the winnings you get from the demo version non-withdrawable.

Betway demo version of the Aviator game can greatly help you hone your skills and strategies, and experience the thrill and excitement of the game. You can go to the real version of the game anytime, and play using real money for a chance to win big. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn aviator game basics and mechanics, start with the demo version first before using real money.


Aviator Betway App

Players can also access the aviator game on the Betway Aviator app. This allows you to enjoy the game anywhere if you have the app. The Aviator app is currently available for Android devices and players can download the app from the Betway website. They are yet to launch the iOS app so Apple users can enjoy playing Betway Aviator on the website on the mobile version, accessible from any browser or device.


Betway App for Android

Betway provides a user-friendly Android app that resembles the main website. The Android app includes all the features of the aviator game you will find on the desktop version. You can download the app from the Betway Tanzania website and enjoy playing Aviator anywhere and anytime.


Betway App for iOS

Betway Tanzania is yet to launch an aviator iOS app.

Play Aviator on Betway

Betway Aviator App Promo Code

Betway Tanzania Aviator App Promo Code is a special offer that gives you 10 free flights to play on Aviator. To get this promo code, register for an account and deposit more than Tsh 3,000. You will get 10 free flights, which you can play on the aviator.

Betway Mobile App Tanzania
Betway Mobile App Tanzania

Main Aviator Game Features

Betway Tanzania Aviator Game Features
Betway Aviator Game

Playing the aviator game on Betway is exciting because players enjoy a wide range of features, which include:


Auto-bet Feature

You can also use the auto-bet feature to set your preferences and let the game play for you. Players can also bet on multiple rounds at once, or you can bet on each round individually.


Unpredictable Multiplier

The game has a dynamic and unpredictable multiplier that increases as the plane flies away. You need to cash out before the plane flies off the screen to win your stake multiplied by the cash-out multiplier. You can cash out manually by clicking on the cash-out button, or you can use the auto cash-out feature to set your desired multiplier and let the game cash out for you.


Live Feed and Statistics

The live feed feature allows players to track the bets they have placed for the current round. Additionally, players have access to essential game statistics like previous multiplier amounts and the biggest wins among others.


Live Chat

The aviator game features a live chat where you can contact their support by filling out the provided form.


Mobile App

The aviator game has a mobile app for Android devices. The mobile app works great and includes exclusive features not available on the website, like push notifications, quick bet options, and offline mode.


Bonus and Promotions

The game has substantial bonuses and promotions that reward you for playing Aviator. Players get a 100% first deposit match bonus, up to TSh 100,000, for a first deposit on Betway Tanzania. On top of that, you receive 10 free flights to play on Aviator if you deposit more than TSh 3,000 for the first time.

Play Aviator on Betway

How to Win Aviator on Betway

How to Win Aviator on Betway
Betway Aviator Game

Playing Betway aviator game is an exciting experience where you watch the multiplier increase as the plane flies higher. It is important to know some tips on how to win aviator on Betway and maximize your profits. Here are some tips on how to win the aviator game on Betway:

  • Have a budget and stick to it to prevent betting with more money than you can afford to lose;
  • Have a strategy and stay consistent. For instance, you can bet with a low amount, cash out early or bet with a high amount, and cash out late;
  • Observe the previous rounds to know the pattern. This information can help you adjust your bets;
  • Make good use of the auto cash out and auto play feature for an automated gameplay;


Aviator Game Rules

Betway aviator game rules are straightforward. Players need to predict how high the plane flies higher. Your objective is to cash out before the plane crashes and the multiplier gets back to zero. Other rules of the game are:

  • Players must have a Betway account to play the game;
  • You can set your stake or bet before the next round starts;
  • Players can cash out at any time when the plane flies. If you fail to cash out on time, you lose your bet;
  • You can utilize the auto-play feature and auto-cash out features for automated gameplay;



The aviator game allows you to bet on a multiplier that increases when the plane flies higher. The game uses a random number generator algorithm to define when the plane will crash to end the round. The outcomes are unpredictable and random so it does not follow a particular pattern that players can exploit. Winning the aviator game is purely based on your luck and skills if you are well-versed with Betway aviator tricks.



Betting on Aviator does not guarantee you with 100% winning strategy because of the unpredictable nature of the game. However, you can use some strategies to boost your chances of getting more profits. There are different strategies that players can use like:

  • Early cash-out strategy;
  • Double bet strategy;
  • Stats-based strategy;
  • Minimum risk betting strategy;
  • Maximum risk betting strategy;
  • Martingale strategy among others;

Betway Aviator Tips & Tricks

You can increase your chances of winning the aviator game if you use some aviator Betway tricks. While this too does not provide you with a 100% winning guarantee, the tips can help you increase your winning chances. Some top aviator tips and tricks include:

  • Observe how other players play the game;
  • Have a planned bankroll to prevent losing more than you planned;
  • Start by making small bets and increase gradually;
  • Test and horn your playing skills on the demo mode;
  • Always keep your volatility low;
  • Make good use of bonuses;
  • Stay focused during the game to make wise decisions;
Betway Aviator Game Tips & Tricks
Betway Aviator Game

How Much Can I Win?

There is no specific amount you can win because the amount is based on your stake and the multiplier you cash out your bet at. The higher the stake and the multiplier, the bigger your winnings. However, you should think about the risk of losing your stake amount when the plane crashes before making a cash-out.

For instance, if you bet with 5,000 TZS and then cash out when the multiplier is 5x, you can win 25,000 TZS. On the other hand, if the plane crashes at a multiplier of 4x, your 5,000 TZS is lost. Therefore, always balance your risk and reward when playing the aviator game.


Betway Aviator Pros and Cons

  • The game is fun and exciting to play;
  • Gives players the chance to win big;
  • Auto-cash out feature prevents losses;
  • It has a live feed to show you game results and stats;
  • Risky game because you can lose your stake;
  • Based on luck so no winning guarantee;
  • Internet connection issues can affect cash-out time;

Is Cheating A Possible Feat On Aviator?

Cheating on aviator game is not a possible feat because the game depends on a fair algorithm that ensures there is randomness and transparency. Since the game does not have a fixed pattern or logic, it is hard for players to exploit. The aviator game purely depends on luck and your playing skill. You need to decide when to cash out your bets before the plane crashes and the multiplier goes to zero. The game also has an auto cash-out feature that allows you to set a target multiplier that will cash out your bets automatically when it is reached. Enjoy gaming on Aviator but do not forget to play responsibly.

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Also ask
Is it legal to play Betway Aviator in Tanzania?
Playing Betway Aviator is legal in Tanzania because the betting site is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania.
Does Betway Aviator have a demo version?
Yes, Betway has a demo version that allows players to play the game without using real money.
What Is the Best Time to Play Aviator on Betway?
The best time to play aviator game depends on various factors like your preference, player traffic, focus level, and betting strategy among others.
What Is the Biggest Win in Betway Aviator?
In Tanzania, the biggest win on Betway aviator information is not available publicly. However, in other countries like South Africa is R10,000,000.


Your presence in this adventure has been invaluable, and I genuinely appreciate your trust in the perspectives I've shared. As you continue your exploration of the diverse features offered by Betway Aviator in Tanzania, I sincerely hope that your gaming experience is not only thrilling but also filled with success. Thank you for being part of this journey, and may your interactions with Betway Aviator be marked by exciting moments and rewarding wins.

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