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The Aviator Game on Betika is one of the crash games that are offered by the betting platform. Betika is a top-tier online betting website, and the bookmaker offers great opportunities in its sportsbook, pre-match and live. Gamers also enjoy over a hundred exciting casino games, plus the thrilling Betika Aviator.

Play Aviator on Betika

What is the Aviator Game?

Aviator Game on Betika
The Aviator Game

The Aviator Game Tanzania is a simple online casino game. It is a direct crash-style game in which the player has to decide when to cash out in order to win a multiplier. With a unique game design, the Aviator betting game presents an interestingly nervy challenge, and at the same time, very significant rewards when you win.

Aviator Betika is a low-medium variance slot from Spribe, which has a 97 percent return-to-player rate. With no symbols, reels or pay lines, the game plays out across a blank screen as the multiplier keeps rising.

Online casino gamers and sports punters always want something intriguing, exciting, safe, and at the same time gives the opportunity for substantial winnings. When it comes to this, Aviator Game Betika ticks all the right boxes.


Betika Aviator Gameplay

The premise of the Aviator Betting Game is an airplane that lifts off at the start and rises steadily. In some instances, dips and rises again. As the plane rises higher continuously, there's an increase in the multiplier, which also increases your chance of a big win.

Timing is of key importance in this game. The player has to cash out before the plane veers off the grid all of a sudden and disappears. A combination of the basic factors of chance and strategy is needed in the gameplay. If you do not cash out on time, all the multiplier you have accumulated will be lost, and the game will reset.

The mechanics of the Aviator Game Tanzania is simple, thereby making it suitable for both newbies and regular players.


Betika Registration

To play the Aviator Game on Betika, you must be a registered member of the online sports and casino betting platform. You can sign up to be a new player on Betika Tanzania by following just a few simple steps.

  • Visit the official Betika Tanzania website via your desktop computer, by launching the web browser;
  • Type in the Betika Tanzania web address and ENTER;
  • Click the blue REGISTER button located at the top right side of the homepage;
  • Enter your mobile phone number, which will be attached to your account, into the field provided;
  • Create and type in a unique password to secure your new Betika account;
  • Click the REGISTER button at the end to complete the registration process and create a new account.
Betika Sign Up
Betika Registration
Betika Tanzania Sign-Up
Betika Tanzania Sign-Up
Play Aviator on Betika

Betika Aviator Login

If you had previously registered with Betika Tanzania and already have an account, to play the Aviator betting game, you will need to log in. First of all, visit the official Betika Tanzania website and then follow this simple process.


Put Your Login Data In

Click the LOGIN button located at the top right part of the homepage and enter your login data i.e. mobile phone number and password;


End the Login Process

Click the LOGIN button below the phone number and password fields to conclude the login process;


Go to Betika Aviator Page

Once you're logged in, go to the Aviator page by clicking the Aviator icon from the list of top row tabs on the homepage.

Betika Sign In
Betika Login

Betika Aviator Bonuses

There are no special bonuses or specific promotions for the Betika Aviator game. There is no Welcome bonus for new customers either. However, there are other rewarding offers such as the Shinda One Million Jackpot, the Kitonga Jackpot One Billion, Soka Lotto 250 Million and the monthly drop and win promo of TSh 5,200,000,000.


Betika Deposit and Withdrawal

Betika Payment Methods
Betika Deposit and Withdrawal


To make a deposit at Betika Tanzania

  • Log into your Betika Tanzania account and click on PROFILE;
  • Key in the amount you want to deposit and click DEPOSIT;
  • Select and enter the Pesa PIN in the prompt that appears, and then send.


To make a withdrawal at Betika Tanzania

  • Log into your Betika Tanzania account and click on PROFILE;
  • Click the WITHDRAW option and enter amount;



Withdrawal MethodsProcessing TimeMaximum WithdrawalMinimum WithdrawalFee
Airtel1 - 24 hours3,000,000 Tsh500 TshN/A
M-Pesa1 - 24 hours3,000,000 Tsh500 TshN/A
Tigo1 - 24 hours3,000,000 Tsh500 TshN/A
HaloPesa1 - 24 hours3,000,000 Tsh500 TshN/A

How to Play the Aviator Game on Betika

The Aviator Game on Betika is one of the most easy games you can play. Its gameplay mode is similar to other crash-style games on the platform, such as Comet-Crash. Winning big on Aviator Betika only requires you to determine you want to bet with, and the right time to cash out. Here is a simple step by step process on how to play the aviator game on Betika:

  • Register and create a new account at Betika;
  • Deposit some money into your Betika account;
  • Go to Aviator by clicking the icon from the tabs listed at the top side of the homepage;
  • Press play to set the airplane in motion.


Demo Version of Aviator Game

Fortunately for beginners to online betting and newbies to the Aviator Game in particular, there is a demo version available on the platform.

The demo version is a free trial version with which you can practice before actually playing the real game. Players can repeatedly try, observe and get acquainted to the pattern of the game before venturing into it properly with real money.

To use the demo version, simply click the Aviator icon on the homepage and click PLAY DEMO. You can play the demo version either as a registered or non-registered player on Betika. But, in order to play for real money, you have to own an account and logged into it as a registered player.


Aviator Betika App

Interestingly, Betika app does not provide features for casino. Therefore, the Aviator Game cannot be accessed via the app. The Betika app primarily features the sportsbook and jackpot offers. This means that if you want to play Betika Aviator you can do so via the mobile version or your desktop computer.


Betika App for Android

Android users can download the Betika app to their mobile phones. Using the Android app makes it easier and faster to access the sportsbook instead of having to visit the website first.

To download Betika app for Android

  • Visit the official Betika Tanzania website homepage;
  • Tap the PAKUA BETIKA APP flag ad;
  • Follow the link and tap PAKUA HAPA to download to your Android device.


Betika App for iOS

Betika does not have a dedicated app for iOS phone and device users. This doesn't mean you cannot access Betika sportsbook or Aviator through your iOS phone. To bet on sports or play Aviator via your iOS, simply use your phone browser to visit the mobile site to access your account.


Betika Aviator App Promo Code

To use your Betika Aviator app promo code

  • Perform a Betika app login via your mobile device and go to your profile;
  • Tap the deposit button;
  • Enter your promo code into the field and click to activate the code.
Betika Tanzania Mobile App
Betika Tanzania Mobile App
Play Aviator on Betika

Main Aviator Game Features

  • Manual bet allows the player manually determine how and when to cashout when playing the game;
  • Auto bet allows the player to preset the number of rounds to play, how and when to cash out automatically when playing;
  • Round history displays all the previous multiplier levels that were attained before the plane crashed or disappeared from the grid;
  • Top bets shows the biggest wins and multipliers that have been recorded by various players on Aviator.

How to Win Aviator On Betika

Holding your nerve and knowing the right timing are essential to earning a win in the Aviator game.

As the game begins, steadily and carefully track the flight path of the plane to predict its potential crash. Basically, your target is cashing out in time before the plane crashes so as to accumulate the highest possible winnings.

You can decide to stop by pushing the button to cashout at any time during the plane flight. Doing this means that you must've calculated the risk. If you delay for too long before pushing the button, your plane may crash and you lose all gains the multiplier had accumulated.

Aviator on Betika Win
How to Win Aviator on Betika


Aviator Game Rules

  • Every player must be an adult of at least 18 years of age to play;
  • A player must fund his account with a minimum deposit of Tsh 100 and stake a bet with at least Tsh 10 to play;
  • To earn a win, you must cash out before the plane crashes;
  • You will lose all you bet and multiplier accumulated up to that point if your plane crashes before you cash out.



The Aviator Game uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm. The RNG is what determines if and at what time the plane veers from its path. It is an honest and straightforward algorithm. In each bet round the plane lifts off, and progresses, your bet multiplier begins to increase. Suddenly, the airplane flies or veers off the screen, at random. Because of this, the outcomes in this game can't be determined by any aviator predictor Betika.



Observe the game: Know how the game works by carefully watching it before playing, especially if you're new to it. Follow Aviator very well and use the demo/fun mode to practice and familiarize yourself with Aviator and its features.

Diversify your bets: Since you can place two bets at a time on Aviator, a good strategy is to plan differently plan for each one. For instance, set one to cover your wager amount and the other for profit.

Use auto-cashout function: With the auto-cashout function, you can set a specific multiplier before each round. Once you attain this multiplier, it automatically cashes out. Aviator rounds can move fast, so you have to decide and react quickly. For this reason, auto-cashout makes a huge difference.

Enjoy the game and play responsibly: Gaming is primarily to pass time and for entertainment, and it should remain so. The fun strategy eases the mental pressure of win-at-any-cost or go bust. Set your budget and stick to it. Stop playing as soon as the fun stops. Go and cool off by engaging in some other recreational stuff as soon as fun stops.


Betika Aviator Tips & Tricks

Aviator Tips and Tricks
Betika Aviator

Playing the fun mode, as it saves you the risk of real money play. Observe, explore and learn the Aviator game.

Take full advantage of any aviator bonuses and rewards. It will lessen your expense while maximizing your winnings.

Study in-game chats and stats. Note how other players place their bets.

Set a good bankroll strategy. Start by betting small and gradually work it up. At the same time, maintain a budget limit.

As you play, systematically track your wins and losses. By this, ycan adjust your strategies if and when you need to.


How Much Can I Win

You can get up to 97% of your stake on Aviator Betika if your bet wins. You should note that this doesn't translate to a high chance of winning. The risk in Aviator is as high as the reward.


Betika Aviator Pros And Cons

  • Simple rules;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Significant payouts;
  • Engaging gameplay;
  • Fun mode available.
  • High volatility;
  • Addictive tendencies;
  • Limited strategy.

Is Cheating a Possible Feat on Aviator?

The results of each Aviator round are generated randomly, by a Provably Fair System and RNG. This means it is impossible for third parties, such as aviator predictors to hack or predict the outcome of games.

Play Aviator on Betika


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Also ask
Is it legal to play Betika Aviator in Tanzania?
Yes. Betika sportsbook and casino is legal and operational is a number of countries in Africa including Tanzania. Aviator is legal, available in Tanzania where you can play and win.
Does Betika Aviator have a demo version?
Yes. Betika has a demo version. This version can be accessed by clicking on the Aviator icon, and selecting the PLAY DEMO option.
What Is the Best Time to Play Aviator on Betika?
There isn't a specific time that is best to play Aviator on Betika. When you've developed a good strategy after observing and practising the game, you'll be able to win at a calculated time.
What is the Biggest Win in Betika Aviator?
The amount of winnings per day in Betika Aviator cannot exceed Tsh 30,000,000.


Drawing on extensive experience in the realm of sports betting, I've delved into various platforms to offer unique insights. Since we're already acquainted with the Betika Aviator game, let's celebrate its thrilling features. Your trust is valued, and I hope your ongoing gaming experience with Betika Aviator continues to be both exciting and rewarding. Thanks for being part of this adventure!

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